Feast Lunch

May 4, 2008 marks the feast of Saint Joseph in Las Piñas. To join the celebration, and as thanksgiving for all the blessing we received, I cooked these for lunch:
Lumpiang Shanghai (Fried pork spring rolls)

mechado (beef with pork fat inserted like a wick and cooked slowly until tender in tomato sauce)

shrimp cooked in coconut milk
Ginataang Hipon (Shrimp cooked in coconut milk)

and grilled pork liempo (i forgot to take a picture)





Have you visited crunchyroll lately? I have… just this morning actually and I got to see another episode of Sweet Relationship. I just like watching it and I am thankful that there is crunchyroll otherwise I might not have been able to watch movies and series that I missed or simple will not have a chance to watch because they will not be aired here in the Philippines (Sweet Relationship is from Korea). I even got to see some tagalog movies in crunchyroll that I was not able to see… I just love crunchyroll and I hope it continues to exist for a long time to come!


my psp

I think it’s about time I write something about this little gadget that I’ve had for almost a year now and has travelled with me and hubby to a lot of places… I know that the release of a the newer slim version of PSP has gotten the attention of the younger market but I promised myself that even if hubby and I get to buy a PSP slim someday we would never sell or get rid of our first Fat version. Why? I guess for sentimental reasons… We’ve watched lots of videos, movies in this little gadget as well as played (with feelings, hehehe!) a lot of different games. Currently, I am still finishing “Pimp My Ride” while hubby prefers playing “Asphalt 2”.

The Pope’s US Visit

Pope Benedict XVI on tv

Pope celebrates his birthday
The pope is currently in the States… I was watching the evening news last night and I saw Pope Benedict XVI. His visit to the USA would last for 6 days within which his stops would include Washington and New York. He celebrated his 81st Birthday on the day that he arrived at the White House where he was greeted by a crowd of more than 13,000. He was welcomed with a 21-gun salute and the Happy Birthday song sung by the soprano Kathleen Battle who also sung “The Lord’s Prayer” in the same occassion.

Meat and Cheese Pizza

meat and cheese pizza
After yesterday’s adventure I didn’t have the strength to cook dinner anymore and so we decided to just get Greenwich’s Meat and Cheese Overload in Thin and Crispy Crust… I must say it was tasty and quite filling.  Thank God for takeout and delivered food without which exhausting days might get unbearable!
meat and cheese pizza 2

Banana Split

I cannot seem to keep my mind on my work all day… it’s just so hot!  Buti na lang na work day is almost over already and hubby and I are meeting at a nearby church for our usual Wednesday Mass and Novena.  I would probably be bugging hubby to bring me to an ice cream parlor and have one of these after the mass…

This is what I am craving for!

Doesn’t it look gorgeous?! My mouth is watering already at the mere thought of this cold dessert… I want one NOW!

Street Kings

Street Kings

Here’s a new movie to look forward to… It’s been a while since I’ve seen an action flick with Keanu Reeves in it so that’s the lure of this movie for me. Meanwhile hubby likes action-filled movies so it’s a must see for him. We saw the trailer while waiting for the next movie in HBO (Or was it Star Movies?) this weekend. It is about an LAPD vice detective (Reeves) who makes a vow to do whatever it takes to find the killers of his former partner and in the process might have bended the law to get the job done. The movie also stars great actors like Forest Whitaker (from Vantage Point) and Hugh Laurie (of the famed TV series, HOUSE, M.D.). I wonder when this movie is going to be shown here in the Philippines?

27 dresses

Ok, I know it’s been a while since this movie was shown but I just realized that the post I was supposed to have written about it remained unpublished and in draft mode so I just edited it and voila! New post about an “old” movie!

The movie is a romantic comedy about a young woman named Jane who has always been “good” and responsible all her life. She has a hard time saying “no” to her friends and family and so most of the time they take advantage of her weakness. Her ultimate dream is to be able to make arrangements for a wedding of her own — she has acted as wedding coordinator for practically all her friends! And not only that, she was bridesmaid in all those weddings she helped plan. Hence the 27 dresses. Anyway, in one of the weddings she was bridesmaid in, she met Kevin, a writer about weddings but was a cynic at heart and doesn’t believe in marriage. He was intrigued by her specially when she left her organizer in the taxi which he boarded and decided to make an article for the paper he writes in about her. Meanwhile, Jane who is secretly in love with her boss made the mistake of introducing her younger “selfish” sister to her boss who instantly fell in love with her sister. Before she knew it, Jane was helping her sister plan the latter’s wedding to her boss… From there on, it was a series of funny yet heartwarming events which leads to a beautiful ending. What was the ending? Well, you better watch it for yourself and find out!

Lechon Kawali

lechon kawali
Charlie dearly loves lechon kawali so I had to cook it again for the nth time! Anyway, it’s pretty easy, you just boil the big chunk of pork in water with salt, pepper and garlic until the meat is tender and then you deep fry the whole thing.
cooking lechon kawali
The only problem is that it can be battle between your skin and the oil that splatters once in a while!

Fried Tilapia & Salted Egg Salad

tilapia and salted eggs
Fried fish is very simple and easy.  All you need to do is just rub some salt on it before frying.  And serve it hot with steamed rice.  Voila!  A simple yet satisfying meal to serve for lunch or dinner.  Salted Eggs (usually called itlog na pula instead of itlog na maalat) go well with chopped tomatoes.  That’s the easiest salad there is.  And that’s what my hubby and I had for lunch today.  Easy yet filling and very tasty!  Oh, and I also prepared a dipping sauce for the fish which is composed of diced onion, soy sauce, vinegar, a dash of sugar and pepper.

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